Terms & Conditions – Booking confirmation

Please, read carefully all these details to be sure that you agree and confirm that you accept all these conditions:

English Course:

25% should be pay in advance, otherwise, the reservation it will not be valid.

The deposit is not returnable, if you want to take the course in another opportunity, the deposit will be valid for a maximum of 2 years.

Any cancellation will be valid only with the approval of the school, 25% is not returnable at any point, the rest will follow the school policies for cancellation, please make sure that your insurance covers any course cancellation.


A security deposit of €250 should be paid on arrival (first day) and it will be returned on the checkout (NOT BEFORE).

In case of cancellation, the deposit is not returnable.

In case of full payment, the benefits of the long term prices will be not valid.

In case of booking MaltaLovers Residence, the payment should be direct to MaltaLovers, otherwise, the reservation will not be valid.


In case of delay for more than 30 min, it should be notified before arrival, otherwise, the transfer will not take place. (Emergency number: +35679050418 & email: [email protected])

The details of the flight should be sent at least 15 days before arrival, otherwise, we cannot warranty the airport transfer, if 48hours before you have not confirmed your flight, automatically will be cancelled.

Flight number should be specified.