Type of beach

The Blue Lagoon is a sandy beach


There is a public bathroom in the vicinity and toilets are available in the restaurants


Perfect for snorkeling


There are plenty of eateries in the Blue Lagoon area


The cliffs offer a dream opportunity to take some beautiful snaps


Comino is accessible from the mainland via ferries and water taxis

How can you get to Blue Lagoon?

You need to go to Cirkewwa and take a boat, these boats are cheaper €10 and start at 8 am till 6 pm.

Book a tour for Comino with Fernandes Boat for €50 all inclusive:

Book a Comino Tour with Captain Morgan from Sliema for €20

Beaches close to Blue Lagoon

Santa Maria Bay is a sandy beach located in Comino, it is difficult to access, however, you can go to Comino and get a boat from there.

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Crystal Lagoon is a place where you can swim only accessible by boat, the colour of the water is just unbelievable in this place. 

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Comino Cave is one of that place that you should visit if you decide to go to Comino, it is accessible only by boat.

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