What we offer?

Wind Surfing

For new or skilled windsurfers new to Malta preferring one to one tuition with a more hands-on approach, Surfing Malta offers private windsurfing courses that consist of only student and qualified instructor and consists of six hours of training and practical surfing. These sessions can be split into two separate sessions of three hours each, or three sessions of two hours per session.

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Group windsurfing courses is six hours long. These sessions can be split into two separate sessions of three hours each, or three sessions of two hours per session.

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For a less intensive approach to windsurfing in Malta, our two-hour group windsurfing lessons are perfect for beginners or more knowledgeable students seeking to expand their windsurfing experience whilst having fun in a quick and easy session.

Group windsurfing lessons cater for a maximum of six students at a time and the lesson is two hours in duration.

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Wind Surfing Malta’s two hour private windsurfing lessons are perfect for beginners looking to gain some basic windsurfing experience with a hands-on and private approach.

Private windsurfing consists of two hours of training.

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Stand up Paddle Surfing

This tour will start from Mellieha bay (Ghadira sandy beach) and takes us to Coral Cave. On the way to Coral Cave we will be paddling beside Mellieha cliffs. First stop will be at Slugs bay where we can have a short break where you can enjoy a swim and the nice surroundings.

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Paddle Board Yoga is a variation of stand up paddle surfing (SUP), combined with yoga, which originated in Rishikesh, India. The sport combines hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga asanas, or poses, with surfing.

Although yoga has its roots in India thousands of years in the making, paddle boarding is said to have originated in Hawaii and just in the past century has yoga become popular in America.

SUP Yoga sessions will be held at different locations depending on the weather conditions.

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An offshoot of surfing, stand up pedal surfing in Malta is a thrilling experience for individuals, friends and families that share a combined love of the sea and adventure. A more relaxing pastime than windsurfing, this sport originated in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing.

SUP on waves is a slightly more challenging session for more adventurous windsurfers, but even if you are a complete beginner you are welcome to try!

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All of our school instructors are fully certified, and all safety equipment and buoyancy aids are included in our courses.

Mobile School

SurfingMalta is a mobile Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddle School that offers the possibility to windsurf in all of Malta’s best locations from Qallet Marku bay to Mellieha Bay, Salini and Marsascala.


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