4 Reasons Why Students Fail To Pick the Best English Course

Some say learning a new language is all about making mistakes, and that’s something we can all agree on. But when it comes to picking an English course, there’s no room for mistakes. You want to make sure your money is well spent.

Picking the right English Course is not a lottery. You can’t throw in some hard earned money and hope for the best. That’s why a smart student considers the following:

1. Price/value (What you pay and what you get)

2. Personal Goal (What you want to achieve with the course)

3. Accreditations (Academic validity, standardized scores)

4. Extra value

Want to find an English school in Malta that adjusts to your needs? ¿You know why others fail at picking an English course that adjusts to their needs?

Here are 4 reasons why students fail to pick the best English course, and how you can avoid these common mistakes.

  1. They look at the price tag alone

Affordability is important, but focusing on price alone is not a smart choice. Smart students won’t go for the lowest price just because it’s the cheapest –and a hefty price tag is not an indicator of superior quality.

Remember that price is merely an indicator. Make a quick rundown of everything that’s included in the package and compare the offers between different courses.

If you need detailed information, you can ask a representative. Don’t fear asking questions and dare go beyond the brochure info.

  1. They lack a “why”

When we buy things we know the exact motive behind our purchase. If you buy a camera, you probably know what you’re going to do with it. Perhaps you’re a filmmaker in the making, or you want to experiment with landscapes.

But what happens when you say you want to study English? You might say:

“I just want to improve my English, duh”

Well, that’s a quite broad motive, don’t you think? Smart students know the exact reason why they want to study English.

– I’m preparing for an entrance exam

– I’ll be staying a couple of months in the US

– I want to do business abroad

– I like the language, and learning is satisfying

It might sound silly, but the more specific your “why” is, the easier it is to find the right school. If you can pinpoint your “why” you can help others understand your needs.

Every “why” is valid, don’t underestimate it.

  1. Thinking accreditations don’t matter/are everything

Now, this might stir some debate, but the truth is, accreditations are not an indicator that an English course is the best for you. Yes, accreditations are important, as well as academic validity and the possibility of having an IELTS or TOEFL score to back you up.


But let’s look back at our “why.” An English school without top accreditations, but great teachers and communicators might focus more on conversations, and interactions outside the classroom and that might suit you well. While other English schools with a solid focus on accreditations might work better for someone interested in Business English.


Don’t fall for the authority bias (thinking a school is better because of its name.) All English Schools in Malta are top-rated schools with excellent rankings.


  1. They think learning English is the same as studying English

A few blogs ago, we talked about how learning English is less about studying and more about meaningful interactions. Smart students know eating the whole book won’t be enough to learn a new language.

This is the reason why the extra value is so important when picking the right English school:

– City trips and activities (Day to day life implementation)

– Modern facilities with libraries, free Wi-Fi


The extra value should be considered the core value of an English School. Every activity and trip where you have the chance to practice your English is valuable. Make it a priority.

Picking the right English course

If you’re looking for the perfect English course, and you need a bit of guidance, you can contact us and we will gladly help you find a course that adjusts to your personality and needs.

We have experience working with different English schools in Malta, and we always make sure our students receive the best education out there while also having a lot of fun on their trip to our beloved Malta.


If you want to know more about studying in Malta, make sure to read our other weekly blog posts. There’s more content in there to make your trip to Malta an unforgettable experience.

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