Learning English Abroad: Why Malta

Learning English abroad is less about textbooks and more about meaningful interactions:

Talk with the locals. Ask tour guides about historical and contemporary anecdotes. Listen to a story over a coffee with your fellow students. These are the little things you do every day in a consistent way when you want to increase your English proficiency.

Studying English abroad means putting yourself in a permanent learning situation where every minute you spend abroad becomes an opportunity for growth.

And that’s life-changing.

But, to get the most out of your English course abroad, you have to make sure you’re picking the right destination.

Here’s why Malta is becoming one of the top trending choices for English Second Language Students:


1. A unique way of life


Eat a toast with salmon by the balcony as the sun rises. Run on the Sliema promenade. Hop on a bot over The Blue Lagoon and let the sun soothe away every pain. Plan a snorkeling day on Comino Island, or dive over The Rozi Tugboat in Cirkewwa with rainbow wrasses, and scorpionfishes, and, do I need to say more?

Ok, here’s more.  Malta has a charming everyday life. The little streets of Valletta -Malta’s Historical Capital, are always boasting with people from all over the world. This means you get to meet hundreds of visitors that you can interact with in a slow, and clear English without being mocked or labeled regardless of your English level.

Why it matters? Novelty is one of the key aspects of meaningful learning. Malta’s unique way of life is welcoming and full of surprises. This helps ease your brain, making it easier to adapt and learn new skills.


2. You’ll have fun.


Don’t tell anybody, but one of the secrets for fast learning is actually having a tad bit of fun. Our memory works in fun ways. You might have a hard time trying to remember what you had for breakfast. But you can remember every detail about that one amazing trip you made ten years ago. Stirring up your emotions will help you learn faster; storing what you learn for years to come.

Malta’s weather and unique lifestyle help foster a myriad of unforgettable experiences.

While the sun is up, you can spend the day at the beach, on a yacht, or sunbathe while you read that one novel that caught your attention back in class. By night, visit Paceville, the all-popular nightlife district. Enjoy the best restaurants, nightclubs, and pubs in Malta.

Adventure awaits here in Malta.

Why fun matters? People think learning should be hard and exhausting when it’s the other way around. There are many studies about the link between positive emotions and meaningful learning. Thanks, Science!


3. Unbeatable prices


Unlike other destinations, studying in Malta is more affordable. Packages include accommodations, trips, and entertainment for a better value.

In a way, choosing Malta feels like going on vacation and studying at the same time. It’s just a great deal.

What about quality? Affordability doesn’t always come with a price. Malta’s education is a top one. Especially when it comes to English learning. There are many English schools with top accreditation. Also, Malta was once part of the British Empire and you can still sense the British influence on its English.


Work and study in Malta


Malta is always growing, and it needs your help. If you want to work and study in Malta, you’re lucky. Getting a Work Permit in Malta is a simple process, and job postings are always open for new candidates.

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