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Brookies Restaurant: Best restaurant in Victoria, Gozo that you HAVE to visit

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Tucked away on a winding intersection of unassuming Gozitan road in semi-rural Victoria sits Brookies Restaurant - arguably one of the finest dining locations across the whole Maltese isles. Here’s the story of what we found on our recent visit to one of Gozo's best restaurants.

Located within a 300-year-old converted farmhouse, Brookies Restaurant offers you the opportunity to dine within a building with an immense sense of history and character. Lovingly renovated by the family outfit, the rustic stone walls and archways couple beautifully with the establishment’s mood lighting to create an intimate and romantic ambience whilst the carefully selected fixtures provide the restaurant with a high-end finish.

We were greeted by the friendly and more than accommodating staff on arrival to the restaurant and were shown outside to a modern, well-lit terrace, the spacious seating area providing the perfect environment to relax with a homemade cocktail – the elegance of the modernist veranda matched by the stunning sunset views of the Citadel and picturesque rolling hills of Ta Gelmus.

“A carefully crafted menu that draws inspiration from rich culinary traditions of Maltese life”

After our preliminary drinks in the immersive beauty of the region, we sat down to our meal. The restaurant offers a carefully crafted menu that offers a plethora of meticulously prepared contemporary pasta, meat and seafood dishes that draw inspiration from rich culinary traditions of Maltese life.

The restaurant sources the highest quality produce to ensure that the high standards that they set for their recently revamped menu are met.

Such is their belief in the quality of their Tagliata that it is an uruguayan prime Angus beef flanks that they look to season the dish as little as possible. As Marvin Cremona, Brookies’ manager exclaimed to us: “We simply serve it with a little parmesan and rucola to ensure that the taste of the steak is truly savoured”.


The From the Sea menu offers an array of fine Maltese delicacies that include freshly caught, locally sourced produce. We would personally recommend taking advantage of their exceptional Supreme of Salmon option. A tender fillet served with a homemade Japanese marinate and served with buttered beans enriched with a horseradish paste, this phenomenal dish delivers a formidable depth of flavour that is unmissable for any seafood lover.

We would also recommend that you do not leave without sampling some of the house dessert specials, especially the exceptionally rich chocolate fondant!

A special mention must be given to the waiting staff, who were also incredibly approachable and on hand at all times to deliver attentive and professional service.

"One of the innumerate subtle touches that adds to the aesthetic brilliance that the team have worked tirelessly to cultivate"

One of Brookies greatest assets is its extensive variety of fine international and Gozitan wines. The list has been painstakingly curated to ensure that they offer a truly diverse range of high-quality options from a variety of grapes to ensure the perfect accompaniment is available for all pallets and all dishes on the menu.

We were particularly impressed by the extensive body of local wines that Brookies had to offer on our visit to their establishment – their willingness to champion local wine producers is a true testament to the restaurant’s desire to promote the best that the beautiful of island of Gozo has to offer and support the local economy.

The wine cellar, accompanied by an ornamental press, takes pride of place next to the restaurant’s elegant red lit bar – one of the innumerate subtle touches that adds to the aesthetic brilliance that the team have worked tirelessly to cultivate.

"The success of this family-run restaurant lies in their commitment to delivering quality across every facet of their activities"

Brookies restaurant has also developed a strong reputation as a great spot for the numerous events it hosts across the summer months when the tourist season heads into full swing.

The refurbishment of this once unoccupied property has revolutionised it into a venue that provides some of the best events on Gozo. The Music Café provides weekly live music sets every Wednesday that transcends a whole subsection of genres, from acoustic performances to live DJ sets, ensuring it caters for a wide range of musical tastes.

What we most admired about our time at Brookies Restaurant was the obvious passion with which the team goes about every facet of their business.

From the dedication to refurbishing this historic building, to the attention to detail of every element of their menu and even the smallest of minutia of customer service, the success of this family-run restaurant lies in their commitment to delivering quality across every facet of their activities.

If a trip to Gozo is on the agenda for your visit to Malta, we implore you to stop by at this exquisite, multi-award winning restaurant and experience the best of Gozitan cuisine.

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Considered to be the finest restaurant in Victoria, Brookies was awarded with the Quality Assured Award by Malta Tourism Authority. Its persistently high performance on TripAdvisor, where you can see more than 200 positive reviews, consolidates this reputation as one of Gozo’s best restaurants!

Opening Hours


6.30PM - 10.30PM (Dinner)
(Closed on Tuesdays)


12.30PM - 2.30PM (Lunch)


If you would like to book a table at Brookies Restaurant then check out their website here!

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