No flight restrictions from July 15

Malta will no longer be in a state of a public health emergency, Prime Minister Robert Abela has said. Prime Minister announced that restrictions on all flight destinations would be lifted on July 15.  He said this meant the only remaining restrictions would be on the airport, which would be partially lifted on July 1 […]

Rotunda of Mosta, Church

The Rotunda of Mosta: The bold architectural design that demands your attention

Sat in the heart of the Maltese north region lies one of Malta’s most iconic physical landmarks, the imposing Rotunda of Mosta – a beautiful neoclassical Church that exemplifies the island’s rich Roman Catholic heritage and is demanding of your earnest attention as it dominates the skyline of the small, seemingly unassuming town whose name […]

Brookies, Victoria Restaurant, Gozo

Brookies Restaurant: Best restaurant in Victoria, Gozo that you HAVE to visit

Check out one of Gozo’s best restaurants Tucked away on a winding intersection of unassuming Gozitan road in semi-rural Victoria sits Brookies Restaurant – arguably one of the finest dining locations across the whole Maltese isles. Here’s the story of what we found on our recent visit to one of Gozo’s best restaurants. Located within […]