No flight restrictions from July 15

Malta will no longer be in a state of a public health emergency, Prime Minister Robert Abela has said. Prime Minister announced that restrictions on all flight destinations would be lifted on July 15.  He said this meant the only remaining restrictions would be on the airport, which would be partially lifted on July 1 […]

English courses for Adults in Malta

If you’re over your thirties and you think it is already too late to study English abroad, in Maltalovers we have a message for you. The job you want, that trip you’ve always wanted to do, and the ability to learn a second language, all of it, is possible. When it comes to learning English abroad, […]

4 Tips for English Language Learners – Learn English in Malta

Finding the right school for studying English in Malta is just the first step. If you want to learn English in a more fluid and faster way, you will love the following tricks. Go back to your childhood (in another language) If English is a new language for you, you’ll probably need to walk before you run. Cartoons, comics, […]

5 Things Every Tourist Should Know About Valletta

Like this photo? Find it on Instagram: @miratodoloquehayafuera Get the most out of your vacation with these insider tips about Valletta, Malta’s historic capital. A few clicks and you’re set to go. You’ve finally booked a trip to Malta. The anticipation kicks in and you can’t stop scrolling down our Instagram feed while daydreaming with […]