English courses for Adults in Malta

If you’re over your thirties and you think it is already too late to study English abroad, in Maltalovers we have a message for you. The job you want, that trip you’ve always wanted to do, and the ability to learn a second language, all of it, is possible. When it comes to learning English abroad, […]

4 Tips for English Language Learners – Learn English in Malta

Finding the right school for studying English in Malta is just the first step. If you want to learn English in a more fluid and faster way, you will love the following tricks. Go back to your childhood (in another language) If English is a new language for you, you’ll probably need to walk before you run. Cartoons, comics, […]

5 Things Every Tourist Should Know About Valletta

Like this photo? Find it on Instagram: @miratodoloquehayafuera Get the most out of your vacation with these insider tips about Valletta, Malta’s historic capital. A few clicks and you’re set to go. You’ve finally booked a trip to Malta. The anticipation kicks in and you can’t stop scrolling down our Instagram feed while daydreaming with […]