4 Tips for English Language Learners – Learn English in Malta

Finding the right school for studying English in Malta is just the first step. If you want to learn English in a more fluid and faster way, you will love the following tricks.

  1. Go back to your childhood (in another language)

If English is a new language for you, you’ll probably need to walk before you run. Cartoons, comics, and content created for a younger audience can be valuable material for those who want to learn a new language. Its simple language and its slow pace will help you get used with basic idiomatic expressions.

  1. Focus on expressions

Studying verbs and their conjugation is important, but you will notice that learning complete sentences is way more practical in order to communicate effectively with others. Sometimes we fail to convey our emotions or our thoughts because we translate expressions in a literal way and we end up with a nonsense.

You can prepare a list of idioms or expressions for different situations. Every time you learn a new expression make a note on a post-it and place it somewhere visible. Use your workplace or that wall where you keep your photos. Check your expressions list whenever you watch a movie or read your expression list first thing in the morning before your English class.

Note: Post-it notes are great for memorizing vocabulary. Stick one on your bathroom, the kitchen and basically everything you could name. After a few days you’ll automatically improve your vocabulary. Especially if you keep going for that “cookie jar.”

3. Activate the audio description

When we communicate we describe what we feel, what we see, or what’s happening at the moment. Revisit your favorite movie or your favorite series and turn on the Audio description. By doing this you will have access to a detailed description of the events that will help you the next time you need to express yourself or describe what you did on the weekend. Like for instance, your last visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Check out this video from the movie Frozen (remember to turn on the subtitles):

4. Consume content (the smart way)

We have become huge consumers of content. Whether it’s on the web, television, or streaming services like Netflix. But there’s a silver lining: we can capitalize on this habit and use it to our advantage. If you usually spend much time on social networks, try to follow pages in English related to your hobbies. Listen to podcasts on subjects you love or read a book using the Amazon Kindle app. This app allows you to know the meaning of certain words in real time and save each word in something called the Vocabulary Builder, allowing you to check your progress every once in a while.

Note: Pick a book you’ve read before in your native language. If it’s your favorite book and you think you can handle it in a different language, go for it. Being used to it, you would find it far easier to understand and know what’s actually happening while focusing on improving your English.


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