Spinola Bay, Malta

Create your moment in the magical Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay: Malta's romantic heart

Spinola Bay is one of the prime destinations in the St Julian’s region of this small island nation and represents a cosy spot in the east of Malta, nestled between the party centre of Paceville to the north and the rest of St Julian’s to the south.

The focal point of this small but beautiful inlet is the charming mooring harbour where traditional Maltese Luzzu fishing boats bob gently in the waters alongside sleek modern yachts; the serenity of the turquoise waters juxtaposed by the bustle of the lively streets in the evening, thronged with families and couples soaking in the bay’s atmosphere.

The bay is nowadays a magnet for tourists seeking a cosmopolitan location to enjoy time with their loved ones, but its history is steeped in the regions local fishing economy. A nod to which is provided by the endearing Fisherman and the cat statue sat upon the harbour’s edge.


The Maltese islands are historically noted as the perfect spot for a getaway for romances of all ages, the relaxed Mediterranean culture providing the perfect environment for couples in the embrace of newly found infatuation or long-lasting love alike.

Nowhere encapsulates the romantic nature of the islands better than Spinola Bay, with the iconic LOVE statue – where sweethearts secure love locks to symbolise their unbreakable love for one another – proving a modern yet elegant physical embodiment of this romance.

The Love Statue of Spinola Bay with accompanying love locks

The jewel that is the harbour is encrusted with an array of independent and chain food outlets that offer both local and international cuisine, with many restaurants providing al fresco dining so that their guests can enjoy stunning views of the picturesque bay as they take in a meal or drinks.

Spinola Bay also plays host to the famous Gululu restaurant. Bestowed the prestigious honour of being named the 2017 Best Maltese Food Restaurant, Gululu’s offers an authentic taste of the island’s unique cuisine in a homely and relaxed environment and is a must visit during your time on the islands. The perfect place to indulge in the island’s culinary delights.

"The perfect spot for a getaway for romances of all ages"

As evening passes and the beauty of the setting sun gives way to a warm yet comfortable night, the dynamics of the area change as the bay’s once bustling streets subside to a mellowed trickle of holidaymakers – providing ample opportunity for a leisurely stroll around the harbour and onto the rest of St Julian’s.

The Fisherman and the Cat Statue

Spinola Bay’s magic lies in its ability to feel so personable and unique to the individual whilst simultaneously creating equally distinctive and unforgettable moments for the thousands of other people it caters for at any given time. When you do come to Malta, be sure that you seize the opportunity to create your Spinola moment as well.

Check out this video for an insight into life at Spinola Bay!

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Spinola Bay location

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